the explanation

Its the second post and still no recipes or photos. What can I say, I’m pretty lazy. I thought Id try to introduce the blog and explain why I’m doing it.

The gist is that its essentially me messing with food and recipes and ingredients. I buy ingredients that catch my eye and I google what I can make. Normally I find I don’t have everything that a recipe asks for, or I find lots of recipes that I like the look of. I take the parts that I like and make do with the ingredients that I have and attempt to make the best dish that I can.

If I like the outcome then and I endeavour to make it even tastier the next time. If its rank? Its valuable knowledge for the next time.

Once you get a hang of what flavours go with what, you’ll be able to make stuff and just enjoy cooking.

Oh and snack or drink beer while cooking. It means if your creation is horrible then its not that big a deal.

Next time – Wedgechos.