Pork Belly Miso Udon Noodle Soup

I had some some left over meat after make a batch of Vietnam fresh spring rolls so I figured I’d roast the pork belly and have it with miso udon.

After following the recipe and marinating the pork for a day, I popped it in the oven at ~200ºC
 until it looked nice. Take it out the oven, let it cool down then slice.

Heat 3/4 pint of water until it simmers.

Put a large tablespoon of Miso into the water and slowly mush the paste using another spoon. It won’t dissolve if you don’t. Think of the gunk in a cup a soup if you don’t stir it. You don’t want that right?

Depending on your paste, you may or may not have to put in stock. Fish, veg, pork. Whatever. As long as it tastes salty.

Stick the fresh packet of udon into a bowl of boiling water and let it sit. The noodles will slowly separate.

Drain the udon and place in a bowl. Add your sliced pork belly and any other toppings. Pour in the miso. Sprinkle some spring onions.


Stuff you need
Pork belly
Pack of fresh udon
Miso paste
Half a stock cube…ish, if your miso does not have fish flavouring in it.
Spring onions
My toppings (stuff I had in the fridge/freezer)
Tenderstem Broccoli (blanched)
Egg (boiled and halved)
White cabbage (sliced and blanched)
King prawns (poached)