Raspberry brownies

Tricky business this baking malarky. The stakes are high but the rewards are so rewardy and brownie.

On my first attempt I BTF’d (burnt tae f*?!@ed) it. I had to hack off the bottom and half an inch each side of the brownie slab. I mean I only swapped out the raspberries for nuts; whats the worst that can happen? This.

Even though it was edible, it bugged me as to why it was so overdone. I followed the reciped to a tee. Mostly. What? The supermarket was sold out of raspberries.

Turns out my oven is a bit flakey. It was running about 40deg too hot. Forget you oven dial. Ive got a new best friend and its name is oven thermometer!


Same pretty much as before but with raspberries. Well 150 out of 200 is close enough. The punnet was 150g so 150 it was. No way I was buying 300g worth of the berries. In the oven at around 160deg for 40mins. They turned out super awesomely rich. So good. So so good.

Cheers to arob.sco for recommending the recipe from the Beeb GoodFood website.


200g 85% dark chocolate
100g white cooking chocolate
250g salted butter
5 medium eggs
140g plain flour
50g cocoa powder
150g raspberries
The recipe
BBC GoodFood via arob.sco

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